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Dynamic Lawyering has always been our creed. What this means to us is to provide evolving solutions to our clients' changing needs. Now, with the recent changes in technology and the advent of the digital space, we recognize the need to improve upon our availability on the World Wide Web. This is why we are launching our new official website to serve our clients better.

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Meet your Lawyers

Project 1

Nilo T. Divina

Founder and Managing Partner

Nilo T. Divina is a leading counsellor and authority in Philippine corporate law and litigation. He founded the firm in 2006.

Project 2

Edwin C. Uy

Co-Founder and Senior Partner

Edwin C. Uy is a veteran public servant and lawyer. He co-founded the firm in 2006. Was a member of the House of Representatives.

Project 3

Alden C. Gonzales

Sr. Partner and Head, Litigation Group

Alden Francis C. Gonzales heads the firm’s litigation practice group and joined the firm in 2006 as one of its pioneers.

Project 4

Nelia A. Raule-Lumanog

S. Partner and Head, Corporate and Special Projects

Nelia A. Raule-Lumanog heads the firm’s Corporate and Special Projects group.


DivinaLaw is a leading full-service law firm in the Philippines. We take pride in advocating and practicing dynamic lawyering - prompt, proactive and result-oriented.

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DivinaLaw Offices is staunch in the pursuit of its vision to be the country’s law firm of choice, with the knowledge, competence, and power to provide excellent legal services and deliver superior results to its clients.

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Practice Areas

The Firm has extensive experience in banking and finance transactions and has worked on various securitizations, structured and project financing. In addition to structuring and negotiating treasury and trust products.

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  • Our client's problems or challenges are our own. We push ourselves beyond the limit to give them peace of mind. We innovate, we think out of the box, we explore unchartered territory, we open doors and we find ways

    Atty. Nilo T. Divina, Founder and Managing Partner
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