“Divina Bar Review Series” launched

15 May 2023

Atty. Nilo T. Divina recently launched his newest literary project –  the Divina Bar Review Series – in a short ceremony organized by publisher CentralBooks.

The series is unlike any books previously authored by Atty. Divina. This time, he is sharing co-authorship with 54 other lawyers from DivinaLaw.

“This work is a culmination, not just of the individual wisdom of the authors, but of each of their shared desire to assist a generation in building their dreams and creating their own path,” said Atty. Divina.

“With each author contributing his own unique expertise, the resultant work has both depth and accuracy. While I have written books in the past, witnessing the Compendious Reviewer turn from an idea to a masterpiece is an entirely new experience.”

Divina Bar Review Series is a collection of reviewers on the seven subjects covered by the Bar, namely: Civil Law, Criminal Law, Labor Law, Legal Ethics, Political Law, Remedial Law, and Taxation Law. It is a compilation of questions and answers based on past Bar examinations, statutory and regulatory requirements, recent Supreme Court decisions, and extra cases written by Associate Justice Ramon Paul Hernando, the 2023 Bar chairperson.

The books may be purchased individually or as a set through the CentralBooks website.