18 November 2021

Sharing her insights and experience as the head of crisis management at DivinaLaw, Senior Partner Atty. Estrella C. Elamparo said: “There’s a sort of consensus that women are actually better crisis managers. There are already studies upon studies indicating this. A McKinsey study in fact mentioned particular characteristics. Number one is participative decision-making – women tend to be more democratic in their decision-making, they consult more, they have more empathy for their employees, they are more compassionate. There were many other factors that were counted. But women are actually better suited as crisis managers. As women in the industry, we should take advantage of that.”

Atty. Elamparo was featured in the recently concluded virtual conference “Women Today, Women Tomorrow: The Filipina Heart in a Changed World” organized by Philippine Star.

The conference gathered leading women from various spheres of influence, among them Vice Pres. Leni Robredo as keynote speaker, Margot Torres (McDonalds Philippines managing director), Anna Liza Vergara, (general manager, Sheraton Manila), Masumay Booc, (agency leader, Insular Life), Trickie Lopa, (co-founder, Artfair Philippines), Ayn Bernos (content creator), Hershey Neri (TV host and Mental Health advocate), Lyqa Maravilla (educator and content creator), Karen Ibasco, (WWF Philippines ambassador), Malou Perez, (founder of PAWSSION Project), and Allison Tan(marketing director of PLAF Philippines).

Atty. Elamparo, a marathon runner who was also named among the Top 100 Lawyers of the Philippines by the Asia Business Law Journal, took part in the panel discussion themed “On Moving Forward: Winning the Fight.”

Following a discussion on the challenges and lessons learned during the pandemic, Atty. Elamparo concludes: “Now we have realized health is the most important currency – everything that we have worked hard for, our plans, our dreams would be meaningless if we are not healthy. We have to put a premium on our health and take care of our health. The crisis is not yet over but we have to go on with our lives. We cannot allow fear or anxiety to get the better of us, so we just need to soldier on and continue being better human beings.”