January 19, 2021

DivinaLaw senior associate Atty. Lean Jeff M. Magsombol recently took part in a panel discussion in the ethics webinar “Calling All Accountants! Choose Service Over Self-interest” organized by the Christian Council for Transparency and Accountability (CCTA) and sponsored by Global Trust Partners (GTP).

CTTA is a nonprofit organization in the Philippines that advocates for good governance and faithful stewardship. GTP is an international organization with staff in Australia, Egypt, Guatemala, Philippines, and USA working to multiply faithful stewards and mobilize peer accountability groups around the world to build trust and to grow local generous giving to God’s work.

With CCTA President Anji Gabriel as main speaker and host, guest speakers Atty. Magsombol, GTP CFO Matthew Gadsden, and Gina Santos-Detera of PricewaterhouseCoopers Philippines (PwC) shared their viewpoints and experiences during the event.

When asked why he pursued law when he was already an associate at PwC and a teacher, Atty. Magsombol shared that he came from a big family and he deeply appreciated his parents’ hard work for him and his siblings.

“I kept saying to myself that I should give back, I should let them experience the luxuries they chose to forgo.”

“I also thought, I can do more. I can share more. I am not yet fully utilizing the potentials given to me by God. I believe that learning is an obligation, and a person becomes less relevant when he or she stops learning.”

Atty. Magsombol is a member of DivinaLaw’s Corporate and Special Projects Group and the Tax and Estate Planning Group. He is a professor at the University of Santo Tomas and he regularly speaks in seminars on tax-related matters. He was Top 4 in the 2010 Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination.