By Iris Gonzales, Philippine Star

MANILA, Philippines — Filipino lawyer Nilo Divina made it to this year’s leading lawyers list released by the InterContinental Finance & Law Magazine (ICFM).

He is the sole Philippine lawyer to the make it to the list of the top 500 lawyers, barristers and solicitors from across the globe.

To be in that ICFM list is to belong to an elite of lawyers in a trade publication that also lists the very best advisors, financiers and banks across all continents while displaying global transactional activity.

To be cited by ICFM is to reach out to a diverse audience including CEOs, CFOs and mid-management decision makers in both public and private firms across all continents.

The InterContinental Finance & Law Magazine is a leading monthly industry publication. Carrying clear, concise reports and reviews, highlighting the very best advisors, lawyers, financiers and banks across all Continents, while displaying global transactional activity.

The publication provides firms information they need in corporate matters, whether of a transactional nature, financing or simply ongoing assistance to ensure their businesses are applying good governance in all areas.

ICFM is published from England, United Kingdom.

First published on The Philippine Star on 12 November 2017 (