May 21, 2021

Lawyers from DivinaLaw were featured during the 5th Regulatory Compliance Conference organized by IAm Training Services and held online from May 20 to May 21.

Partner Atty. Jay-r C. Ipac shared the latest issuances from the National Privacy Commission during the first day of the webinar.

Considering that many employees are now working from home, Atty. Ipac received a question from the audience regarding what companies should consider to avoid compromising employees’ privacy while using monitoring software in their computers.

Atty. Ipac answered: “Some of the employers have implemented this as their way of monitoring their employees’ use of their own computers. That could be valid, so long as 1) we have a computer-use policy for that, and 2) the extent by which companies can monitor activities should not intrude into the personal affairs of the employee who is working from home. That cannot be implement solely by applying legal and HR policies. You would have to have a close coordination with your IT. What are the features of this monitoring software? What is the extent by which it can monitor employee activities? And up to what time can it do so?”

Speaking during the second day of the conference, DivinaLaw associate Atty. Kenneth Glenn L. Manuel discussed the incentives and various requirements for companies registered with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority and Board of Investments.

On pandemic-related PEZA updates, Atty. Manuel shared PEZA Memorandum Circular 2021-0017 and said: “There are countries that the DOH and IATF have imposed a travel ban on. But if (for instance) an Indian national is a managerial employee and his presence is required here, can a PEZA-registered entity request for an exemption? Answer: Yes, through PEZA but with final approval from the Department of Foreign Affairs. Additional requirements under PEZA MC 2021-030 are: valid and existing visa at the time of entry, pre-booked accommodation for at least seven nights in an accredited quarantine facility, and COVID-19 testing on the sixth day.”

Legal education is a vital component of DivinaLaw’s practice and the Firm’s lawyers are regularly invited to share their legal knowledge and insight in various trainings and seminars.