DivinaLaw Managing Partner Atty. Nilo T. Divina’s entrepreneurial journey is featured in this month’s special edition of Business Connect magazine.

Business Connect is a leading business magazine based in India dedicated to publishing inspirational success stories of business houses and innovations spread across the globe. The magazine also offers informative articles highlighting the latest issues of the market and revealing the inside tips for everything from business strategies to emerging trends.

Speaking on success, Atty. Divina had this to say: “There are two factors to great success: one is the state of your mind. That is grit. That is determination.

The second is the state of your heart. That is where giving, compassion, and faith are found. Far above any mental toughness, it is the softness of your heart that sets you up for long-term success.”

Read the article here: https://businessconnectindia.in/divinalaw/