DivinaLaw’s Atty. Cancino speaks at the 9th Labor Relations Summit

23 February 2021

DivinaLaw Senior Associate Krisyl M. Cancino discussed the basic concepts on Contracting, Subcontracting, and Endo Arrangements during the second day of the 9th Labor Relations Summit held via Zoom from February 22 to 23.

Atty. Cancino explained the underlying constitutional and statutory principles on the rights of labor vis-a-vis the rights of businesses. She reiterated the importance of being circumspect in dealing with service agreements as it serves as the first line to where employees gauge whether a contracting arrangement is permissible or not. She differentiated legitimate contracting and labor-only contracting, the latter being absolutely prohibited under D.O. No. 174-17 and further discussed other illicit employment arrangements. She also gave pointers in avoiding contracting and/or subcontracting.

The 9th Labor Summit is a 2-day event hosted by IAmTraining. It featured various speakers who discussed DTI and DOLE guidelines amidst the COVID crisis, implementing guidelines for mental health workplace policies, HR strategy in a post-pandemic world, LLCS inspectional manual of the Bureau of Working Conditions, post pandemic employee discipline, updates on employee termination, retrenchment and transfers, DOLE D.O. No. 198-18, and the nuances of developing sound employment contracts.