The Firm’s neutrals can provide arbitration, mediation, mediation-arbitration, and negotiation services. The Firm adopts the following rules for each ADR process unless there is a stipulation of the parties to the contrary:

Arbitration: This is a voluntary dispute resolution process in which one or more arbitrators, appointed in accordance with the agreement of the parties, resolve a dispute by rendering an award.

DivinaLaw applies the PDRCI 2021 Arbitration Rules in handling Arbitration proceedings.

Mediation: This is a voluntary process in which a mediator, selected by the disputing parties, facilitates communication and negotiation, and assists the parties in reaching a voluntary agreement regarding a dispute.

DivinaLaw applies PDRCI 2017 Mediation Rules in handling mediation proceedings.

Mediation-Arbitration: This is a two-step dispute resolution process involving both mediation and arbitration. The PDRCI 2017 Mediation Rules and 2021 Arbitration Rules are applied.

Negotiation: Negotiating parties are allowed to choose the particular rules of procedure to be implemented. The said process can be initiated through the standard procedure of the firm, as defined in the “Procedures” section.