The initiating party or claimant should serve to the responding party and file with the Secretariat a Notice of Arbitration.

A non-refundable filing fee is due to be paid for our services and the arbitration proceedings.

Within 30 days of the receipt of the notice of arbitration, the respondent shall respond to the notice of arbitration duly served to the initiating party and filed with the Secretariat.


Under PDRCI 2017 Mediation Rules, Mediation shall be deemed to have commenced on the day which the parties agree to engage in mediation. However, if an inviting party does not receive an acceptance to mediate within 10 days, the inviting party may elect to treat this as a rejection.

Mediation services are subject to a non-refundable filing fee and should be duly communicated with the Secretariat. Thereafter, the PDRCI 2017 Mediation Rules shall be followed.


A party must follow the above-mentioned Mediation Procedures. Upon termination of the Mediation Proceedings or rejection of the invitation to Mediate, the above-mentioned Arbitration Proceedings must be followed.


The Negotiation process shall be deemed to have commenced on the day which parties have agreed to engage in Negotiation. If the inviting party does not receive an acceptance to Negotiate within 15 days, the inviting party may treat it as a rejection.

Upon agreement of both parties to enter into Negotiation, they are bound to pay a filing fee and should duly communicate the same with the Secretariat. The parties will be given a list of accredited neutrals who can intervene with their proceedings. The parties have 10 days to select one to three negotiators from the list of neutrals to assist the Negotiation process. If parties have not agreed within 10 days, any party may request the Secretariat to appoint a sole negotiator.