Maria Frances Faye R. Gutierrez

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Maria Frances Faye R. Gutierrez


Practice Areas


  • Intra-Corporate Disputes
  • Family Law
  • Torts and Damages
  • Testate and Intestate Proceedings
  • Adoption, Guardianship, and other special proceedings
  • Professional Liability and Malpractice
  • Criminal Prosecution and Defense
  • Local Government, Election, and Administrative Litigation

Corporate and Special Projects

  • Energy
  • Public Bidding and Procurement
  • Transportation and Maritime Law


  • Employment and Related Contracts
  • Labor Disputes
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Strikes, Lockouts and Other Union Disputes Regulatory Compliance

Immigration and Naturalization

  • Alien Employment and Special Work Permit

Legal Education, Legislative Advocacy, and Policy Reform

  • Trainings and Seminars

Professional Background

  • Former Legal Assistant, DivinaLaw
  • Former Research Assistant, Coastal Cities at Risk in the Philippines Project of the Ateneo de Manila University
  • Former Research Assistant, UST Research Center for Social Sciences and Education
  • Former Research Assistant, UST Research Center on Culture, Education and Social Issues

Educational Background

  • Juris Doctor, University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Civil Law
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (Magna Cum Laude), University of Santo Tomas

Published Works

  • Compendious Bar Reviewer on Labor Law (2023; CentralBooks)
  • Compendious Bar Reviewer on Remedial Law (2023; CentralBooks)